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What are the standard features of the Solarium?

On Mar 8, 2007,


What are the standard features of the Solarium?
 How many windows come standard in the Solarium? Can the Solarium be a free standing temporary shelter or is it recommended to connect it to your home considering functionability? Any information you give will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Glenda Kelly

Hi Glenda

Solariums are solar capturing structures that are attached to buildings. They are useful for capturing heat for the building if windows or doors are open into the house when the solarium is warmer than the house. They can be used to rise sun loving plants. They can be a nice place to sit in the sun when the outside temperature may be too cold. Shelter Systems Solariums are made from half of our existing GroDomes but we could also make them of our white Shelter Covering, if the customer desires, but they would not capture enough light to grow plants nor would capture as much heat. The half dome is so constructed to create a skirt along the edge that is to be joined to the house. The fixtures to join this skirt to the house are not included since each house is different. For example: Wood lath can be used if attaching to wood. With brick bolts should be set in the brick to attach a lath over the dome’s edge skirt. The 14′, 18′, and 20′ Solariums have two doors. No windows are installed and if desired two windows can be added of clear vinyl are $35 each and do not open. The 30′ has four doors. The 31′ has two doors. All Solariums come with two upper vent systems. They are not designed to hold snow or extreme winds. Snow must be melted or brushed off as it accumulates.


Bob Gillis