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On Feb 13, 2007

On Feb 13, 2007

Hello Bob,

I am interested in the 18′ dome for living in and
then after that primarily as a green house. I would
like to have it up on a platform during the “living”
period for ease of cleaning and because the site is
not perfectly level.
Is there any way to get a spec drawing for the size
as well as the door heights and possible window
location options.
Also all possible screen options, as the summers
here are full of mosquitos. Can one roll up a side
and have screen there instead? Are the vents screened
as well as the windows and doors?

Ben Robinson

Hi Ben

Our greenhouse coverings are not fire retarded but I can not stop you from living in one if you choose; others have. The dome has 12 approximately equal sides with four equally spaced doors the 4 windows do not open. The door heights are about 5′. Netting doors are optional . We offer netting that can be attached with sticky back velcro to the upper vents:


Bob Gillis