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On Jun 27, 2007

On Jun 27, 2007

Eleanor Gillis wrote:Dear Tzara,

I contacted our designer and owner and he advised me that we do not sell the net walls any longer. I am sorry for any disappointment. Maybe you could contact our designer and talk to him about making your own?

Net Walls (Optional): The net wall must be installed by Shelter Systems. If you ordered a net wall, you will have been given three extra long poles for it. Locate the wall panels where there is netting on the inside of your yurt. There are three clips on the wall panels of the yurt where you will need to untie a string that is holding the panels down. At three points on the two wall panels where the poles hold the awning up, you will find clips with plugs that slip inside the ends of the poles. Stand your awning up with the poles and guy them out with the guy lines provided. Tie a guy line to each clip string at one end, and to a stake at the other. Guy out the middle pole first, tying the guy line to both clip strings (since two clips come together at this point). Now have a seat and enjoy the breeze!

Bob Gillis wrote:Hi Tzara

The net wall weakens the structure in strong wind. Each bit of covering you remove weakens the dome more. With 4 doors standard I felt it was too much to remove more. If you do not have wind you could make a net wall yourself on by taking measurements and sewing one of netting. Velcro could be used to attach it to your dome.

I am curious were you found the net wall instructions. Thought I took them off the site.


Bob Gillis

You mean by making say an open arch then attaching screen to the side, by velcro?


I had seen and liked the net wall concept when i was considering a dome last year or so.  but i could not find the info on the current site (yes removed), i used an internet archive to dig up the info, so at least i know i wasn’t making stuff up!!

i wouldn’t use the screen/window/net wall at burningman for sure then, but in Oregon the wind is mild, and the screen would be a nice addition, opening up the dome but keeping mosquitoes out, maybe a nice view without outright opening up the whole side.

i’m also curious, if it the net wall weakens the dome, you would say the same about making the open arch version?  just curious.

—-It does weaken the dome; yes.

maybe a better solution is something like a screen window.  keep all the poles/tension in place, the screen completes that section’s paneling, the white outer shingle has a rectangular cuts (three sides), flaps down/closed when you want closed, roll up when you want to see out, overlaps to keep rain out.

—-This should work to the degree that the screen successfully replaces the tension web of the covering removed. Most screen is not tight on the diagonal.