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On Jun 1, 2009

On Jun 1, 2009

Hi Elenor,
I plan to use my shelter at burnigman this year, again. I bought the 18ft dome last year and it work well. Several of the tubes broke and needed to be replaced, plus more spares. I also had a small 12X16 shade cloth that was too small so i got a bigger one. The floor will make things more compact and clean. I had a square tarp last year but was too small. The only complaint is that a lot of playa will pass threw the seams when the wind picks up. Is there a better way to seal the top sections of the dome. I got some paper clips in the kit but they dont work too well. I was planning to use a small round dowel to roll the seams together and then use the clips. Any suggestions would be welcome.


Subject: questions

Hi Adrian

Your idea of using a dowel is interesting and may work of the binder clips are strong enough. Let me know how it works out. I will test it here also.

At present we recomend a UV stable white Duct Tape and Velcro:

also see:

Sticky back Velcro “coins” or strips can be used to create a tighter seal between the door of your yurt, dome and the wall or net door and wall or to hold the shingling of your dome tight. For doors make sure the door and wall are clean and dry before applying the Velcro. One way to attach “coins” of Velcro to your doors is to have a helper inside your dome. Secure the door closed with the bottom clip hooks. Cut the coin’s backing so as to separate the coins each with their own backing. Then join the coins together hook to loop keeping their backings attached. With you on the outside and your helper on the inside, and taking care that loop part of the velcro is on your side remove the backing on the loop place it between the door cover and the side wall of your dome and stick it to the door cover. Then remove the backing to the hook side and stick it to the domes wall. Have your helper push from the inside with your hand on the outside to secure a good bond of the velcro to the door and wall. Continue to add more coins. Additional coins or strips of sticky back velcro can by purchased locally or from our Accessory page:

If you are using strips mark with a marking pen where the edges of the door cover or netting contacts the sides of the tent. Lift up the door and get it out of your way. Now measure and cut a length of “hook” Velcro long enough to secure one of the door’s edges. You do not need to cover the whole length of the door as this may make it difficult to open or close the door. Remove the protective strip from the sticky back and apply this Velcro to the inside of the mark you have made on the side of the dome. Repeat for other side. Take two lengths of “loop” Velcro and Velcro them to the “hook” Velcro that you have already attached to the sides of your tent. Remove the protective strips from these. Now carefully lower and hook your door to the base of the dome. Press the netting or door to the exposed sticky of the Velcro. Rub well to secure the bonding of the glue to the door and the sides of your Yurt Dome. Try not to stress the Velcro glue bond till it is set as it can take up to 25 hours to reach its maximum holding power. Be sure to attach the “hook” part of the Velcro to the wall of the dome, yurt as this way when you go in and out the hooks will not tend to get caught on your hair or clothing. You can purchase additional Velcro from your fabric or hard where store or you can order more from us.

Dealing with wind blown dust and/or high wind conditions. Get Scotch Heavy Duty Gray All-Weather Duct Tape and or Scotch Transparent Long Lasting Duct Tape 1-800-494-3552 (regular duct tape does not hold up in the sun) both tapes are available at many hardware stores. The Heavy Duty lasts a bit longer in the sun then the Transparent but both hold up well over time. The Transparent looks better. Use for sealing up unused doors, floor to wall or shingleing when in extream dust conditions. Apply tape to dome when it is clean and dry Use only one door for entering and exiting your dome. Seal your other doors with tape. Attach sticky back Velcro on the door you use (apply when clean and dry – it takes about 24 hours for the glue on the velcro to set to full strength). Consider using just one side of your door when conditions are windy. Tuck your dome’s skirt under your tarp floor and then tape your floor to your dome’s skirt on the inside of your dome. Weight down your floor with all the objects you have (in high wind, wind will blow under your floor and lift it up shaking dust into the air. Seal the horizontal shingles with tape on the windward side of your dome and or any shingle that leaks dust.


Bob Gillis

Hi Bob,
Thanks for the tips. I think i am going to try the duct tape. It might be easier to use. I was thinking to use small dowels to roll the seams together and then use the clip to hold the dowel in place but that will mean more setup time. If i use the tape and prep the seams before i can save time. I got my order today and will setup the dome this weekend in preparasion for the playa. 90 days till the burn! This will be the second time the dome is going to burningman. It was the best investment i made. Thanks again.

Best Regards,