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On Jul 10, 2008

On Jul 10, 2008

Hi Bob,

I have been using one of your 18′ extra strong yurt domes at Burning Man for the past four years, to great success. This year I am considering modifying the doors to secure the loose material from flapping in the wind. I would greatly appreciate your insight as to the feasibility of what I propose.

I would like to attach velcro to the side of the doors. I am considering using a self-locking variety to avoid the prospect of dust clogging the loop side of traditional velcro. I think that sewing through the dome’s material would cause tear-out problems, so I’m leaning toward glue. Do you know of an adhesive that would work with the dome’s material and wouldn’t flake out under intense sunlight?

Thanks for your help. I love your product. I just recommended your domes to two friends in Minneapolis who I think are planning on making a purchase.


Pete Loeffler

Hi Pete

Sewing will not significantly weaken the domes covering. Preferabley choose 10 or less stitches per inch.


Bob Gillis

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