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On Jul 11, 2008

On Jul 11, 2008

Dear Shelter System People, See answers in text below

No, you don’t know me but I’ve been studying your website for 14 months, dreaming about your shelters and how one or more of them will change our lives. I’ve had many conversations with you in my colorful imagination and have almost called you countless times. I’ve quietly fought a continuous stream of opposition from friends and family who seem to be against my yurt idea from the moment they hear about it. But since they already think I’m nuts I’m going ahead with the idea in spite of popular opinion. I’ve saved up all the money I’ll need and am now working on the preparation of two sites on my own 10 acres in Valparaiso, Indiana, 40 miles outside of Chicago. My shelter(s) will function as overflow housing for my children and their children, friends and partners, as my office, an art studio for one daughter, and/or a grow shelter. They may make a trip to Rock City, the Everglades, or the Outer Banks. If nothing else one will provide a place of quiet privacy for me and my cat.

I have some questions. I’d written them down before calling you today but got an answering machine. I couldn’t leave a message because I may not be available when you call back. (I’m working from home).

Here is an outline of the things I want to talk about

Your Suggestions for which size or type?
I’m leaning toward one 30’ and one 20’

……..Take a look at:

Potential Uses:
Overflow housing
Art studio
Grow shelter – can a yurt’s material be half clear and half white?

……..We can make a greenhouse that is half white and half greenhouse but note that the greenhouse covering is not fire retarded.


Materials– greenhouse or white

Could there be 2 Doors?

……..The 20′ has 4 doors. The 30′ has 8.

A backdoor tunnel connecting to the camper door?


Instructions for Attaching a Door to Door Connection Strip

Parts: Strip 3′ by 16′ for 18′ dome or yurt, 8 Grip Clips, 8 clip cords. This strip when attached properly will join two dome doors tightly and create a gutter between them that redirects water to the base outside the domes.

On a windless day set up two domes next to each other such that two doors are facing each other. Roll up and tuck the two door coverings over the poles at the top of the doors. Move the domes together so that the base of the door openings touch each other. Follow carefully the instructions in you manual to secure your dome to the ground using all means necessary.

1) Knot end of each cord. Feed the un-knotted end of the cords through the concave side of each the “button” ends of the clips. Using the Clipping Instructions at the end of your manual attach two clips to the center end of the connection strip about 8″from the end, such that these clips are about 4″ from each other.

2) Enter one of the domes and lay out your connection strip under the two door openings so that the button clip cords are to one side and centered in the door ways. The cords should be facing up and close to one of the sides of the openings.

3) Slip and tie tight one of the connector clip cords through the clip hole at the base and inside the doing closet to that clip. Repeat this with the other button clip cords inside the other dome. You will now have join these two domes together with the connecter strip.

4) Keeping the connector strip centered and tight apply two clips to the connector strip so that the button cord is on the same side of the strip as the first two clips and such that when these two clips are tied to the inside upper clips of the two, they pull the connector strip tight and centered. You may need to remove and reposition these two clips to get the connector strip tight, centered and even.

5) Next proceed to do the same for the next two door way clips. Keep the strip centered and tight.

6) Finely, secure the remaining two base clips. The connection strip should now be secured tight to the walls inside both domes creating an air closure and water tight connection.

7) You may carefully trim excess material from the strip.

8) If your soil does not drain well then make a ditch around your dome to direct water away from the domes.

9) If you need to make more connection strips you can remove the one you have fitted and use it as a pattern to make other strips.

How big are windows?

……20′ has 4 about 1.5 sq foot each

……30′ up to 8 can be added about 3 sq foot each. These are extra $35 each.

Do any come with it? How much extra for each? How many can you have in one yurt?

Floor –Compare buying your floor to making one out of storebought tarps or your fabric.

Tarp used as a floor is less expensive and works fine.

Chimney – I live in a cold climate how common is woodstove use in yurts for cooler days? I may move it inside the barn in winter to avoid snow accumulation.


……..Be sure to read our snow and wind warnings:

Cost of options (chimney, windows, whatever else is available).


Site Idea– one is now grass, fairly level but lumpy. The other is a spot where truckloads of fill has been dumped but not yet smoothed and leveled. I thought I’d have it leveled with clay or sand then lay some kind of dark stone, tile, asphalt, or concrete to absorb solar heat in the winter. In the summer I’d create shade and use rugs.

I’m excited by the thought of finally communicating with you and moving forward toward my shelters. If you’d rather talk on the phone than answer via email let’s set up a time when I won’t have to worry about work interruptions. I live on Central Time but my work hours end at 4:20 Eastern Time. (I telecommute to New Hampshire).

I feel confident that you will be there to help me prove my family wrong about the craziness of it ordering yurts.
Thank you for being who you are and having such a wonderful website.

Bye for now.