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Date: July 8, 2008

Date: July 8, 2008

I am excited to see your product. It could put an end to an ongoing problem we have. My husband and are ranchers in northeast Wyoming.
During the month of March,when the weather is at its’ worst we calve out our heifers. We bring in our heavies to a barn with an attached shed that measures 70′ X 90′ with an opening of 16′ x 12′ where the opening is makes it impossible to hang a sliding door, or a split swinging door. We can’t lower the opening as we need it the full 16′ to accomadate a semi truck and trailer as well.Every year we go through the brain damage of hanging quality heat holding tarps, that are expensive,heavy and difficult to work with.
Then we watch the extreme winds, ice,snow,rain and eventually sun shred the tarps off leaving only the grommets. We have tried every product available and had our best luck with tarp bungies, but they rot in about a year as well.
Do you thik you grip clip will hold the weight across the top of the opening, holding a heavyweight waterproof tarp 16′ long and attach the sides to framework to hold the tarp in place? If so what size and how far apart for the top, and what size for the sides and how far apart. Woudl it be okay to graduate smaller as we come down the sides. Could we incorporate bungies along the sides for more flex against the wind or would that not be necessary with your clip?
Thank you in advance for your help and will purchas as advised.

Hi Cricket

I think our Grip Clips would help hold your tarp. They grip a much larger area of tarp then the tarp’s standard grommets and do not poke holes in the tarp which weaken the tarp even more. I would recommend you try some of the Heavy Duty and some of the General Purpose. Bungies of the heavy duty black rubber type are a good idea also as these can help dampen down tarp’s vibration, which contributes a lot to the degradation of tarps.


Bob Gillis