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Excellent. Thanks for the info.
I’ll be in touch as soon as I have a better sense of our execution.
Eleanor please keep me posted on the availability of your 31’ domes.

It is not difficult to connect two or more domes together.

In full sun our shade cloths work very well to approach the inside temperatures matching the outside since they are stretched over the domes’ poles which are spaced above the domes’ covering such that air flows between the two minimizing the radiation of heat in to the dome that the shades block.

The domes can be further cooled down efficiently with AC since there is a minimal amount of surface area for a given volume of a dome. Since there is a minimal amount of mass in the dome it will begin to gain heat when you stop the AC. But the packing the inside with snow/ice should go a long ways to keeping it cold inside the dome. Just as you would pack an ice chest for a daylong picnic. You can further extend the life of your snow/ice by insulating the ground from the snow/ice with modular interlocking foam flooring:

Thanks Bob –
It’s an interesting idea to connect two Domes – having one adjacent to the other to create different experiences.
Do you happen to know how well these domes will hold in temperatures.
ie; if we pump in cold air and snow will they maintain temperatures for any length of time or is there a lot of bleed?


Hello Judy

Here are a few more photos of the 31’ dome: scroll down.

Some photos show inside/outside projection. Images are clear on both the inside and outside regardless if projected from the either side of the covering.