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Is the cord that was used to tie up the canopy and poles (we have several meters of that) appropriate for the tension cords?

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the good suggestions, I will follow them. Is the cord that was used to tie up the canopy and poles (we have several meters of that) appropriate for the tension cords?

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you more than that the canopies are being used as protective wind walls for outside testing. I’ll see if I can get a photo and perhaps send you an update if things become public.


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Hi Bob,

We have received and erected our first 31′ dome, and so far we think it is great. Thank you. As discussed previously, we need to be able to get a 110″ tall by 50″ wide gantry in and out of the dome (which is functioning as a wind and weather wall). Our proposal for this is to cut a door in two of the side panels as shown in the attached diagram. Can you please give us some input as to whether this is a feasible idea, and any pros or cons we should be aware of?


Hi Eleanor,

I have been talking to Bob about ordering 2 of your 31′ domes. We would like to order first one, and then after verifying that it suits our purpose, likely order a second 31′ dome. We’d like to use these for testing in Mountain View, CA next week, so I have a couple of questions relating to availability and delivery time:
Do you have two 31′ domes in stock?
What is your delivery time to Mountain View, CA? Ideally, we would like to receive the first dome on Monday October 26.
Mike Eglington
Hardware Engineer

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Feel free to call me at 650 323 6202


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On Oct 21, 2015, at 2:00 PM, Mike Eglington <[email protected]> wrote:

Hello Bob,

We are interested in ordering two of your 31′ domes as a wind-shelter for some testing we plan to do here at Google[x]. I have a couple of questions:
Is it possible to erect the 31’ dome in open-arch configuration?
We need to be able to move a 12’ wide gantry crane (similar to the one shown here) in and out with our test equipment.

Are the 11’ and 16′ dimensions internal or external heights?
Internal Note that these are the highest points inside the domes
We are wondering if we need a 30’ or 31′ dome.
You will need the 31 to get the height
How high would we be able to raise the 12’ wide gantry inside the 30’ dome?
Approximately 13’. Note that the width of the 31’ open arch is approximately 12’
Is it possible to have a window that opens?
We can provide you with sticky back velcro and fabric that you can cut and velcro close openings as you may desire
I.e. a door panel at about waist to chest height that opens?
Do you charge for custom configurations, such as extra doors, or the window mentioned above.
See material cost:

Mike Eglington
Hardware Engineer