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Mike Brisbin


I have a 24ft diameter parachute that I made into a dome for Burning Man using 3 pairs of arches. I am not happy with that design and want to do something different. I saw your domes and I am very intrigued. I like the way they are designed. You guys have done a very good job.

I am interested in making my own dome and buying some of the parts from you.

How many Connectors do you need for a 20 Diameter Yurt Dome? They come in pairs?

How many poles do you need for a 20 Diameter Yurt Dome? Are there two sizes of poles?

Mike Brisbin

Hi Mike

We do not offer a kit or plans for our domes as they have proved to complicated for people to build from plans. However, we do offer a kit for our Shelter Frame for $75 non-returnable which include the needed Grip Clips. If you want to order this kit please place your order with the order desk 866 777 1066

Bob Gillis