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On Jan 8, 2006

On Jan 8, 2006

Hi, I came across your site on the 2nd or 3rd page of a Google search. The idea of a dome for a GH is appealing. I have some questions.

How exactly does the door close? Does it just clip shut?

They clip on the lower edge.

Q On a sunny day, how does one open up a vent?

You can open the doors and insert a vent tub up high. See:

How long will the plastic covering last?

In FL and AZ it lasts 3+ years.

How does one insulate this GH for use in colder weather?

We make a full liner. See:

A full liner will increase the winter comfort of your dome. A liner reduces heat loss from radiation, conduction and convection by creating an insulating dead air (i.e., the liner’s air does not circulate with the dome air) space of 2″-3″. It also helps prevents condensation which may occur in very cold situations. The full liner is constructed of a white fire-retardant ripstop film with clear vinyl windows for a wonderfully bright and warm space. We also make liners for our greenhouses out of the translucent greenhouse covering. To install, you tie it in place at each intersection point on the dome, pulling it tight. Installation is simple and takes about one hour. You can order a liner with your dome and install it right away, or decide to add one later. If you plan on spending a winter in your dome, a liner will produce a more evenly heated space and you will use less fuel. Be sure to tell us if you want a white or greenhouse liner.
Price: 30′ liner-$1800 Shipping $160; 20′-$750, Shipping $65; 18′-$660, Shipping $55; 14′-$540, Shipping $45;

Q Any downside to your design compared to the traditional rectangle GH?

I do not know specily which GH you are comparing with. There are advantges and disadvantages to all designs.

Q What exactly am I buying for $800 or $900 besides PVC pipe and plastic?

It is put together so you get a greenhouse in about 1 hour of setting it up.

Q Do you have a catalog showing more details?

Our catalog is only online now. See:

Let me know.

Lance D. Reedy
Lewiston, ID