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Interested in 30’foot Yurt Dome, but have questions


Interested in 30’foot Yurt Dome, but have questions

Your 30′ Yurt Dome is great!  An organization I belong to is planning on a gathering of men for August of 2005.  We are planning on 80 men to attend…and we are looking for a gathering place…so, your 30′ Yurt Dome seems to offer us the

best space…what do you think?  any other suggestions?


I think you would love it. Where is your gathering?

We have reserved a site at an Environmental Learning facility in Sandstone, MN…about 70 miles north of Mpls/St. Paul….

So, you think 80 men can fit sitting in a three-quarter circle?

thanks for your quick response…

Yes, I think so, but make sure your self by drawing a circle that is 30′ by using a cord 15′ long; have a friend hold it to the ground and then holding the other end and pulling it tight walk around your friend and mark a circle using stones or a marker. Then have your friend sit down and mark where he sits. Have him move etc…