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I want to use it as a projection dome for a planetarium

I’m interested in getting a StarBubble 10…

I want to use it as a projection dome for a planetarium; my company develops planetarium shows, and this will be our test site. At the center we’ll have a LCD video projector with a fisheye lens, which will project onto the surface of the dome.

I’ll be wanting the black/white material, but the black will be outside

No problem there. There is a 10% special order charge to make it if the white/black material. It is not fire retarded.

— to reject all exterior light — and the white will be on the inside, as the projection surface. No windows, naturally. How opaque is the black side (I’m after a totally opaque shell)?


Will I need to get a sunshade to lay over the top?

I do not think so but there may be a few pinholes of light you could mask with tape.

Actually, my biggest concern is probably one you ordinarily don’t run into. My ideal is a perfectly smooth and seamless, perfectly spherical inside surface. I know with the fabric construction and standard seams with shingling and overlap and those GripClips, this ideal is going to be hard to achieve. I’m guessing that the seams can be “finished” somewhat using sticky-back Velcro on them all, and trimming excess.

Or maybe just trimming close?

The “holes” of the GripClips will likely have to be filled in or covered with white tape or something so they’ll be flush with the dome surface. And I’m hoping the stretching of the fabric will actually conform more to a rounded spherical surface than the flat squares I taped together out of cardboard using your model (thanks for that!)

It will not. But it may be that the clips or the lack of it not being spherical will no matter that much. ?

Is the PVC piping available in black?

No. But you could paint them. Test the paint first.

And how long would it take to get one, once the order is placed?

It would ship in about a week or so.



I’m curious if you have tested these in high wind or polar environments?  We are always looking for shelters that are lightweight, strong and waterproof for applications worldwide.  Can you provide any additional information?


We do not have a lot of experience in polar environments. We use PVC for poles which shows stiffening in the very cold. We would recommend when setting up to keep the poles in a sleeping bag with hot water bottle and removing poles one at a time when setting up. The 18′ and 30′ are our stronger structures and they do will in strong winds. An additional set of poles can be added for more wind strength but we still do not recommend them for extreme winds or constant strong winds..

Thank you so much for my 14 foot greenhouse. I never thought it would be so
easy to assemble. It is a true work of art in my back yard. Keep up the
good work. Thanks, Steve Farrell

Hello, I found your site to be very informative, however, I have
questions, I may have overlooked these in your site, if so please excuse

I am interested in GroDome 20. I live in Arkansas and weather in the
winter months can go as low as 10 degrees. I am wanting a greenhouse to
use thru the winter to house my ferns and plants, until the weather is
warmer usually in late April.

1. Would the GroDome 20 be suitable for my area as described above, if I
use a heater in the colder months?

Yes, if you would heat it enough to melt snow off; read snow warnings.

2. It sounds as if the dome is enclosed enough to prevent wind from
coming inside ?

Yes; be sure to read our wind warnings.

3. I want to use the earth for the floor, so how is it secured down?

It includes 16 1′ long stakes.

4. Can the doors be secured to prevent wind from coming in them?

Yes, if you are in a windy area consider using some sticky velcro to increase door closure security.

5. Is ample sunlight allowed in during winter months? depending on my position of course.

Yes. You will need to match the length of light that the plants need however. For example tomatoes require a long day of light so you would have to light it into the night to match the length of day that your plants need to thrive.

6. Shading would not be necessary for ferns and house type plants,

You will need to match the light to what your plants require. Most house plants do not like full sun.

7. I read somewhere, something about using a liner? Would this be
necessary for heat?

You can heat it easily with out a liner but the liner will save fuel and make the heat more even inside.


Robert Gillis