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Why would I buy a tent which did not include a floor??!

Why would I buy a tent which did not include a floor??! maybe in the future you could just sell the roof and then package the walls separately. or even the poles separately or both then you could offer a truly unic product THE TENT THAT IS IT’S SELF SOLD SEPARATLY!! I think it would work. Kidding aside what’s up with that???

We do offer the floor as an accessory: Accessories Some people want to put their Yurt Dome on a deck in which case a floor is not needed. Some people want to set up their Yurt Dome directly on the ground with out the floor. Others would rather buy the shelter with out the floor and lay a tarp or plastic down with carpet on top and save over the cost of our floor (the floor is a lot of material can add quite a bit to the cost of the Yurt Dome).

Just so you know, we sell most of our tent shelters with out the poles to those who ask and have access to class 200 PVC, since this save the user some in cost of the pole set and the cost of shipping them. We also offer some of our products as kits and plans. Different people have different needs, abilities, and resources. We offer a choice hoping to help were we can.

From your website:
“Shelter Systems’ Yurt Domes have four flap doors evenly spaced around the dome for good cross ventilation and light. The door coverings close automatically so you can go in or out quickly.” I’m confused, what holds the doors together?

A pole can be added to the lower edge of each door to hold the door tight and make it easier to use. The door pole goes over the plugs attached to the corners of each door. One side of the door can be left hooked closed all the time if you do not need the extra ventilation. This is
particularly nice if you’re using a door pole, since it allows the door to swing open and shut easily. In strong winds, hook both sides closed. Binder clips are provided with your dome to secure the doors in wind or when a tight seal is desired. They also work well on net doors. They
hold best if you overlap the door and side wall materials a little as you clip them together. If you want more binder clips, you can get them at a stationery store. To prop your door open, tuck the tip of the door pole under an adjacent horizontal pole. Of course, if you aren’t using a door pole, just roll the door panel up and tuck it over the pole above the door.

How are they closed?

The weight of the pole pulls the door closed.

Can they just blow open?

If it is windy use the hook at the door bottom to hook and hold it closed.

Do they swing in or out?


I’m interested in a 20’er for family camping on the Oregon coast.

Kap Young here,

We have recieved yurt dome and sun shades. I am a contractor and have been doing hard physical work all my life and trying to put up the yurt dome was a work out. Do you have any new and improved directions for the yurt dome?

Dear Kap Young

The 30’er. is a beast but does get easier each time you put it up. Have you looked at the online instructions yet? They are more recent. Manual: 

You know some tricks for tub bending?

Try inserting the upper end of the pole first then the lower. One technique I sometimes use is to insert one leg between the dome and the pole to use my body to help bend the pole. Another is to use the lower connectors as a lever to pry the pole into it. Sometimes I have my help pull out on the middle of the pole to bend it (being careful not to pull so hard that the pole kinks) while I pull on the connector that the other end of the pole is to go into to stretch the dome’s covering underneath the pole.

Two people can put it up in two hours you say.

As hard as it is, I have put up a 30’er my self in about 1 hr. I weigh 135 lb and yes it was a work outand I knew what I was doing. Make sure you have at least 2 strong people to help you.

Does the dome itself stretch and go together easier the second time?

Yes, the dome does stretch out and the poles take a slight bend; both help quite a bit to make it easier to put up the next time. Also you get more experienced as to how to bend and insert the poles.

Please call or write if you still have trouble.

I am considering purchasing an 18′ Yurtdome for use as portable temporary
 I appreciate the amount of information provided on your website,
but still have a few questions.

1. The 18′ dome comes with four doors, how are these configured? 2 side by
side on opposite ends? Evenly spaced? However I want?

Spaced evenly.

2. I will definitely want net doors, how do these function with the
standard doors? 1 outswing/1 inswing?

They are situated inside the standard door. They work the same as the standard door; compleat with clips with hooks and pole plugs so they can be hooked closed and a door pole can be attached to it’s base plugs to allow it to swing open and close automatically.

3. I am also very interested in the net walls shown in the instruction
manual. What are the costs associated with this option, does it limit the
number of doors and does it weaken the integrity of the dome.

We no longer make net walls as they weaken the structure too much.

4. I am leaning towards the Lighthouse Dome. Are there limitations for the
options listed above with either the Solar Dome or the Lighthouse Dome?

At this point we make the Yurt Domes which incorporate the better parts of the LightHouse and Solar Dome.

Scott Illinois

I tried my new 20 foor dome this weekend. It can be backpacked in 3 loads. I simply duct tape the dome package to an old backpack frame. The instructions were a little hard to follow, but I can excuse that since the dome was totally leakproof in 8 hours of rain. The way the floor is oversized keeps it bone dry even with water running under it! I also like the way the shape of the dome tends to hold it down in the wind. Those windows are really really neat too. It is ingenious how the panels all overlap and seal tightly when stressed by the PVC. I know it sounds crazy to use a 20 foot dome for backpacking by myself but I love it. It is like being inside a house. Congratulations on a great product and thanks!

Bill NC