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Maintenance/repair on an older dome?

Maintenance/repair on an older dome?

I have a 20′ dome that I purchased from you quite a while ago for use at Burning Man — I’m not sure whether its first year on the playa was ’98 or ’99, but it was one of the two. It has ONLY been used at Burning Man (and set up once a year in a park beforehand to make sure we have all of the parts), but the harsh environment and, frankly, lack of care and maintenance after use (and the fact that it’s been passed around among various grateful groups of users) has taken its toll on the structure. I don’t think it went out to the playa this year, but in ’04 it suffered some blowouts in a big windstorm due to worn-through elastic cord on some of the connectors, etc.

Now, my boyfriend is about to spend a winter living up at Harbin, and is considering taking the dome with him as his primary residence while he’s there (he also has a VW van, but the dome would be much more comfy!). My question is: If we brought the poor, neglected dome to your offices, could we pay someone who works with these structures all the time to take a look at its components and replace everything that’s in danger of imminent failure? (Of course I’d pay for parts and labor…) In other words: do you provide a 100,000 mile servicing option?

thank you for your consideration,
Berkeley, CA

We do not work on dirty domes here as it makes our space dirty. So I suggest you fix it up yourselves: Replace all the worn cords. Put it up. Replace poles if needed. Hose it down in and out using a sponge mop and soap to clean it; rinse it well. Let it dry out compleatly. Patch any holes with silicon rubber 100%. and if needed strips of the wrap material cut to make patches. You should be good to go. One last thing: Never store the dome damp as bits of dirt will rot and stink up your dome.

Dr Dome