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To hang a cover use gp gc or hd gc

On Oct 4, 2008
hi bob, I have a 30′ metal dome that my son made for me – I would like to retrofit it with some sort of cover. It is about 25′ tall and all triangles. Can you give me some advise on how to go about getting a cover for either over or under it? Thank you.


You are right you could hang a cover within or cover the outside. If you cover the outside is it smooth were your hubs are?

To hang a cover use gp gc or hd gc. to attach cover to out side use gp or hd gc on the edge of your covering to pull it to the bace of your dome and use the same to gather the covering if need be. The Pro gc can be used to attach the covering to the frame to prevernt or less lift up and flapping in wind.