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loads for grip clips

On Oct 2, 2008

Hi Bob,
If you don’t have figures
Can you tell me which will be strongest:
A general purpose or pro attached by rope to an awning
A HD attached by rope
A pro screwed to the face of a beam with the awning pulling about 60 degree from the face
A pro screwed to the bottom of a beam with the awning pulling about 30 degree from the face

The awning is about 5 metres by 5 metres the position is sheltered.
Does it make for greater strength to add the grip clip through patches of other materials? At the moment I am assuming standard blue tarp.


Subject: Re: loads for grip clips

In most circumstances the GP is stronger than the Pro. The Pro is best when you need to attach a tarp directly to a surface.

The HD will spread the load better than the GP and will handle thicker tarps. The GP will work in most situations.

So go with the GP I would say. try to have one about every meter or two

Patches do not add strength but can increase holding power by making the tarp thicker and there by preventing slippage if your tarp is thin and loaded.


Bob Gillis