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Grip clips for a 20″ geodesic dome

On Oct 25, 2008, at 7:01 PM,
Hello Bob,
I purchased a dome made from 1/2 inch metal conduit…I’m going to use if for storage. From what I’ve read here on your great site, attaching a tarp to the frame using your grip clips would be a good thing. I think the pros are the model I need, but would defer to your expert opinion…I live in New England and we get some severe winters. >From what I’ve read here, your suggestion would be to secure the tarp on the inside of the frame. Is that correct??? I also would like your input as to the # of clips in order to secure the tarp. The dome is aprox 11.5 feet high and 20 ft round. Thank you very much for your help.

Subject: Re: Grip clips for a 20″ geodesic dome


Simplest is to pull the tarp over your frame and attach HD GC to your tarp at about 10 ” from the base of the dome then use a 3/8″ or so rope to “lace” the tarp to the bottom of your frame. Then go around the dome with a marker and mark your tarp for placement of HD GC on the overlapping folds (mark all layers and even have a person inside mark the inner layers) that your tarp as it has been pulled tight and shaped on your frame, such that after you loosen the “lacing” rope you will know where to attach the HD GC to join the overlapping folds to each other and create a fitted cover for your dome. Re-attach your “rope” and make adjustments to the overlapping as needed to get a tight but not too tight fit.

Another way is to tension the tarp to the inside of the dome. I would start with the top center and use Heavy Duty Grip Clips. Pull the clip tight to the hub at the top center. Next add hd gc to the tarp and pull them tight to the next 5 hubs. You should get the tarp as tight as possible or else your tarp will flap in the wind. In one or more of the hubs you will need to gather a pleat in your tarp with your clip. Proceed to the next lower hubs etc till you reach the base of the dome. One advantage of hanging your tarp is that it will not rub the poles which may with time wear on it.

The last way would be to attach Grip Clip Pros to your frame and drape or pull up your tarp to the pros and attach the ring part of the clips. You must get the tarp as tight as possible. This approach is the easiest and quickest but for the same number of clips is not the strongest.


Bob Gillis