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Dealing with wind blown dust on the playa

Dealing with wind blown dust on the playa and your Shelter Systems Yurt Dome. Use Scotch Heavy Duty All-Weather Duct Tape 1-800-494-3552 (regular duct tape does not hold up in the sun) available at many hardware stores for sealing up unused doors, floor to wall or shingleing when in extream dust conditions. Apply tape to dome when it is clean and dry Use only one door for entering and exiting your dome. Seal your other doors with tape. Attach sticky back Velcro on the door you use (apply when clean and dry – it takes about 24 hours for the glue on the velcro to set). Consider using just one side of your door when conditions are windy. Tuck your dome’s skirt under your tarp floor and then tape your floor to your dome’s skirt on the inside of your dome. Weight down your floor with all the objects you have (in high wind, wind will blow under your floor and lift it up shaking dust into the air. Seal the horizontal shingles with tape on the windward side of your dome and or any shingle that leaks dust.