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On Aug 10, 2008

On Aug 10, 2008


I’m close to ordering a 30′ dome with an intention to install it at my
parent’s farm in Western Pennsylvania. I plan to live in it year round.

I have a few questions:

Is it possible and/or recommended to install the woodstove stack up
through the center of the dome? I like the idea of centralizing the heat
source, getting a good draft and taking advantage of the heat that comes
off the stack

What is the best way to seal the wall/floor juncture against rodents and
unwanted bugs
? My plan is to build a 5-6 inch gravel mound for the base
of the dome. I do plan to install a liner.

Thanks for your help. I hope to be enjoying a dome before this coming



I imagine this could be done but it is not something I have done, in part do to the leakage problems that may occur from the hole you would need to cut. Note that you would want to use insulated pipe and keep it away from poles and the dome covering so that it does not melt either. Also, note that the domes poles cross in the top center of the dome. We recommend putting your stove pipe through a door opening: see our online Manual: The dome is easy to heat especially with a liner.

You will want to install a vapor barrier in your dome which can be a large blue tarp. Gravel can if not toped with soil can make for a “crunchy” floor base. The dome has a short skirt that sits on the ground outside your dome; inside your “tarp floor should be cut so it goes up the inside wall of your dome. You could tape your floor to the wall with UV stabilized “Gray” Duct Tape, but this is usually not needed. Rodents and bugs are best detoured by keeping your dome clean and storing all food in mouse proof containers. You cannot entirely exclude them but if they do not find food they will tend to stay away.

Be sure to read our wind and snow warnings:


Bob Gillis