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On Aug 12, 2008

On Aug 12, 2008

Dear Bob,

1. What is the estimated setup time of the 31′ Yurt Dome?

Two strong people 45 minutes. The first time longer

2. What is the expected lifespan of the domes, that are used frequently but for
short periods (one setup per week, for one or two days time?)

It is the sun that most times wears the dome out. It should last at least 3 years in most climates. Less in high elevations more with shade.

3. Is the fabric easy to clean? What detergents can be used to obtain original

It cleans well with most detergents.

4. Is it possible (with reasonable use of energy) to heat up the interior of the
largest domes (30 or 31′) to 30 Celcius degrees in winter (outside temperature
-15 Celcius)? What is the best heating option?

Lets see … 86 F from 5 F . I have not had personal experience with the 30 and 31 heating but we have sold them where people have used them in winters so my guess is yes. I have found it easy to heat a 20′ with liner in below freezing temperatures with a small wood stove. Why so hot? The domes are easy to heat but do not hold the heat well if you turn your heater off. They also collect and are warmed somewhat by the sun.

5. Do you supply any prefabricated “tunnels” for connecting several domes with
each other?

The domes can be connected door to door:
We do make tunnels but they are not made to connect the domes:

6. What are the possibilities (prefferably in 30, 31′ domes) of attaching
anything (like lighting elements) to the structure of the dome? What is the
maximum weight that can be attached?

At each pole crossing there is a clip on the inside of the dome that can support about 8 lb.

7. What is the delivery price and time (if you can also arrange intercontinental delivery) of the domes to Warsaw, Poland, counting from the
day of the order?

Please contact 831-464-2002 [email protected] for shipping and timing questions.

Thank you in advance for your reply.