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Date: September 25, 2006

Date: September 25, 2006

I purchased a 14′ dome last year and have found that i need a tent fly..You people said to use a tarp which i did but it looks kind of cheesy, I would like a fitted fly. do you have one in a sun proof material or should i just try a local canvas person?

your product stood up to 40mph winds on several occasions while other tents went down, but the rain did come through the seams in those conditions that and the condensation buildup on the inside make a fly necessary

N Cianflone

Hi N Cianflone

We do not recommend that our tents be covered with a tarp as it can cause the poles to heat up and bend excessively which will cause the shingling to be weakened. We do offer several sunshades which stretch to conform to the domes shape: These shades will also take some of the punch out of the wind. If you did tarp your dome and if your poles have been excessively warped by the heat I suggest you replace them to maintain the strength of your dome and the shingling. You can sometimes find this size poles at irrigation pipe supply places or we sell individual poles also.


Bob Gillis

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Avain Huts
I have an unusual request for you. You may have been following the news re avian
flu. It’s in Europe and edging ever closer to where I am, in Ireland.
I just got word today that the government is very likely to impose a lock-up for
all poultry in Ireland during the spring migration. I keep chickens and have
been working on breeding good lines of an old utility breed which I don’t want
to loose. They are a valuable genetic resource that would be difficult and
costly to replace. So it looks like I have to bite the bullet and house them for
a period and possibly every autumn and spring in the foreseeable future.
As they are in 4 groups in small mobile units and can’t be chucked
together in a house without mayhem and probably murder, I am looking for a way
to cover their individual small houses with some space around each house. The
requirement would be that they can’t get out, wild birds can’t get in and can’t
sh** on them from above, i.e. can’t infect them. Also, temperatures should not
be too extreme, especially in the high range. Having said that, it does not get
very hot here in Ireland but a polytunnel would be too hot (mine reaches 104+F
at times in spring – they’d snuff it).
I reckon I need about 13-14 ft diameter per group.