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On Oct 1, 2006

On Oct 1, 2006

hi we are a company doing work at base in IRAQ and would like to buy 3 30 ft domes but have a few questions  how long before they can be shipped also price to AMMAN JORDAN   can a real door be installed  thank hope to hear back soon thanks.  SAM

Hi Sam

You can frame in a standard door on your end. Put up the dome and set your door with frame inside the dome so that it is plumb and the top of the frame touches the dome. Use wood to extend the door frame so that it will butt up to the domes covering on the inside of the dome from the top of the door down. You will need some one who works with wood to do this. With wood lath secure the domes covering to the door frame from the outside. Mark the poles were they extend into the door frame. Cut the poles on these marks and secure them to the door frame with an eye bolt and a connector. Cut and remove the covering that extends over the door frame leaving about 6″ of covering to wrap around a lath and secure to the sides inside of the frame. Some weakness is created by attaching the dome to a rigid door in that the dome can not flex at this point in high wind.

Please forward this email along with your complete address to [email protected] so we can get you a shipping price.


Bob Gillis