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August 22/ 06

August 22/ 06

GripClips saved my life at Burning Man a few years ago by keeping my tarps in place when all the grommets were blown out from the wind! With out the Grip Clips I had got from you I would have had no shad and I be cooked.

-Chad Mccraner


Last year I purchased your 18’ dome for Burning Man 2005 which worked out great! I’m preparing for this year’s event and had just a couple questions:

1 Can you please tell me how many of the long poles and how many of the short poles are used for the dome? I want to make sure I’m not missing either of the lengths I’ll need once I get there this year.

40 long and 12 short.

2 Do you have a recommendation for how to secure a tarp floor to the yurt to minimize wind infiltration into the dome? Last year during the event all the wind seemed to want to blow up the tarp floor. What’s the best way of preventing this?

Fold the dome’s skirt under your tarp, then weight down the the edge of the tarp with your stuff to seal it tight to the ground. Alternatively you can weight down the skirt to the out side of the dome. The winds usually come from just one general direction so concentrate your effort on that direction to start with. Wind is tenacious so you will have to be through.

Many thanks!



I am working on an art project which involves projecting images onto various
. I have been trying to figure out how to create essentially what
you have pictured here:

What would be the leadtime/cost involved for something like this with one
missing panel to shine the projector through?

Many thanks!
–Dave Wimsatt
Chicago, IL

Hi David

Three weeks; $500. It would be a special order and as such non-returnable. Please contact Eleanor if you want to place an order and let us know if you want it if white or translucent. I recommend white if you want to project on it (images would be seen inside and out.


Bob Gillis