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Date: July 7, 2008

Date: July 7, 2008
Subject: yurt pictures

Hi Bob-

As per our conversation, attached please find photos of our damaged yurts.

I am hoping you can give me some guidance on why this may have happened and how I can get the yurts repaired or replaced under your guarantee.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.



Thank you for sending the photos of your two wind damaged yurts. Unfortunately our guarantee does not cover wind damage. However you can repair the domes at your location or ship the two damaged domes to us and we can repair them here for a small fee and ship them back to you.

As to why it may have happen; since I was not there, I can only guess that you had some very strong wind blow through. Some of the stakes may have been loosened by rain or just the soil was loose; the two damaged domes could have pulled free except for one stake, which then being overloaded, ripped out the clip from the dome.

The damage to coverings appears to be were clips where attached. This type of damage is difficult to patch and we suggest you replace the damaged panels.

If you chose to repair the yurts at your location we can ship you replacement panels ($65 for each panel which includes 3 Heavy Duty Grip Clips and cords). You would then need to remove the damaged panels and insert the new ones reattaching using the Grip Clips.

If you wish to ship your damaged dome’s coverings (no need to ship the poles) to us for repair, we would replace the torn panel or panels and ship them back to you. From your photos and assuming there is no other damage, we would need to replace the two torn panels one for each dome see attached estimate for pricing.

Please contact [email protected] to arrange your repair.


Bob Gillis