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Re: yurt vs tipis

On Apr 29, 2009
hi bob –

i’m researching housing options and wondering how your solor domes compare to tipis. my main concern is heating and light, as i intend to use this in all weather. is there a way to have a fire? also. how long are those poles?


Our domes and tipis each have there advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages: Our domes are light weight (18′ is 70 lb, portable (poles 5.5′ long); good head room and easy to put up (1 hour, first time); easy to heat and good solar influx
Disadvantages: They will only hold so much snow; you can not have an open fire in them (you can use a wood stove however)

Advantages: Tipis shed snow well, you can have an open fire (my experience has always been smokey however)
Disadvantages: Poles are very long and heavy; head room is very limited do to the steep sloping walls; poor solar influx; heat tends to get caught at the top of the cone.


Bob Gillis