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On Apr 30, 2009

I’m involved in an archeology project and we are considering buying
one of your domes to cover an excavation site. One concern that I have
is whether we can attach our equipment to the frame. We will have from
4 to 8 cameras attached to the frame, each weighting 6lb. Do you think
that the Extra Strong 18′ Yurt Dome can handle this kind of load?


Re: Question regarding Extra Strong 18′ Yurt Dome

Hi Daniel

Yes, if you spread the load out a bit. Attach loads to clips at the pole crossings (inside (they each have 2 holes) or out (there are cords)). If you have to have the entire load all at one clip then I would recommend that you add a support pole inside extending from the clip to the ground of 2″ by 2″ wood.

If you end up using one of our domes we would love to see a photo.


Bob Gillis

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