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Two years ago I bought the GroDome 14 and have been experimenting with it ever since. Since I live the the northeast where spring temperatures can fluctuate considerably (30 F at night to 50 F during the day), I am having trouble keeping a consistent temperature inside the dome. After temperatures in the dome start to heat up during the late morning (up to 80-90 F) I open the flaps and try to maintain a temperature in the 70s but when I close up at night, despite keeping the dome as tightly sealed as possible (the dome sits on the south side of my house, over a garden plot) I can’t stop the temperatures from dropping into the 40s during the night (I am using max min monitor). Ideas I have considered include getting a kalwall cylinder to hold water and thus be a heat source during the night and getting the GroDome liner to prevent heat loss but these are big expenses. I use sand bags to tighten the 4 doors at the interface with the ground holding the fabric tighter against the dome. Do you have any other suggestions for me? I am trying to grow dwarf fruit trees in containers inside the dome but the temperature swings seem too severe.

Thanks for any help here


Subject: Greenhouse question

Hi Ken

I am not an expert in managing greenhouse temperatures but I suggest you consider the following ideas:

* The soil that your plants are in most likely will be warmer than the air in your dome at night in that the ground has absorbed some of the warmth of the day.

* Bring in containers of water into your greenhouse these will absorb some of warmth of the day and release it at night.

* You can make your own liner from inexpensive 2 or 4 mill polyethene sheeting. One way to do that is to take a large sheet and with a Grip Clip join the center of the sheet to the inside of the top clip of your dome. Working your way down join and shape the sheet to fit tight inside your dome with other clips.


Bob Gillis