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On May 26, 2009

On May 26, 2009

Hi, Bob,

I’ve got a 1995 twenty footer in the white covering. It’s still in reasonably good shape despite its age because it has really only been set up for an average of a week or two per year. Our mild northern Oregon climate also has helped minimize the UV damage.

If I wanted to replace a panel or two with a more greenhouse-oriented film, what would you recommend?

Part of my question involves whether there might be a strength issue if one is joining two dissimilar covering materials with the grip clip fasteners.

Thank you,

Bruce Johnson

Subject: Re: Replace a panel with something different?

Hi Bruce

There is no problem mixing the white with greenhouse covering. The panels are approximately $65 each.

Install: Order the same panel from Shelter Systems. 1) Arrange the replacement panel over top of the damaged panel so that it is in the same orientation.2) Remove only one clip from your dome being careful not to disrupt the layering sequence of the panels on your dome. If you can not get the clip off use a pliers and brake the ring part of the clip (you will receive 4 extra Heavy Duty Grip Clips with each replacement panels). 3) Take your time to carefully slide out the corner of your damaged panel and insert your replacement panel into the same layering sequence as that of the damaged panel. 4) Now with all layers in the same order and orientation as before; gather these tightly around the male clip and slip over the female clip as described below. When many layers are involved as is the case with the corners of the windows, attaching the female clip can be difficult; practicing on scraps and making the layers warm with the sun or heat lamp (be careful not to melt the covering by getting it to hot) can help.


Bob Gillis