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cabin in the desert.

On Feb 21, 2009

Hi Tony

Answers to your questions in your text below:

Hello Eleanor and Bob,

I love your shelter domes. I would like to use one as a “cabin in the desert.”

…..You should consider our sun shades: for desert use. Be sure to read our wind and snow warnings:

I have a few questions about them.

Are you currently having any sales or discounts?

…..No, we do not offer discounts, This allows us to keep our prices low to everybody.

What is the cost of replacing the material on a 31′ dome?

…..Replacement cover with clips attached and no poles is 10% less then cost of full dome.

How quickly can you get a 31′ dome to me?

…..We try to keep everything in stock. If we do not have it may take a week or two to ship your order: check with the order desk.

Can I use a pre hung door?

…..This should be possible but I have not done it. You would have to cut and fit:

Do they have 4 doors?


Can I have fewer?

…..We can make a special order dome with less, yes.

It is for a desert application (Tucson). I need as much ventilation as possible but I need screens to keep out the scorpions. Is this possible?

….We make net doors for the dome: These are flap style and may not prevent all critters from access.

It appears I can add windows, but do they need to be adjacent to the door and done at your factory?


Can I add mesh ventilation in the top with a flap to close in the winter?

….This should be possible but we have not heard of people doing this.

Would Thermoshield paint increase the longevity of the material, or are the two not compatible?

….I am not familiar with this product. You should test it first.

Is the material polyester?

….No, it is a woven multi laminate proprietary covering that is UV stabilized and FR.

Thank you for your time,