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Date: February 3, 2009

Date: February 3, 2009


I just have a few questions regarding a couple of things.

Most of your pics seem to be of your yurt-dome design.

We are wondering if the star-dome design on the sales page (other shelters) are illustrated by the picture in the testimonials page sent in by robertw – what he calls the great circle design.

Is this the same design?Robert 3
Is this the design of the geodesic dome, as contrasted with the extra strong yurt-dome design?

Basically, we are having trouble as all pics seem to be of your popular yurt-dome design.

We are interested in the design sent in by robertw – on the testimonials page, or possibly any similar geometric designs that you do incorporating hex and pent geometries.

Is the height measurement the same for this star design.

Also, if you can provide a 18 or 20 foot star-dome design (if it is the same as the pic by robertw), what would be the approximate waiting time, cost and shipping cost to the UK.

Thanks, I hope I am being clear with my questions.

Great work by the way, your domes all seem very well made and very beautiful.

I looking forward to hearing from you,



We not longer make the star design. It was substantially weaker and had other problems. The Yurt Domes are geodesic. Nor do we make the hex/pent design at this time. One reason we now make the YurtDomes is that they give the most volume and strength for the amount of materials used. Thus they have a smaller carbon foot print and cost less then the other designs.


Bob Gillis