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Event Domes…

Subject: Re: Event Domes…

Hi Jannos

I will answer your questions below.


Bob Gillis

On Feb 20, 2009

Hello Bob,

Eleanor answered my first inquiry mail and directed me to you about more technical questions.
We need to use the Dome as a projection area from the inside. Do you also supply the screening surface?

The walls of the dome make good projection screens with the images clear and bright inside and out. We do offer our covering also by the yard if you wanted to hang your own screen inside:

Also, how long does it take to set up a 30 feet diameter dome? How many people working?

The 30′ set up requires two strong people about 45 min to an hour.

What is the maximum weight we can hung from its structure?

You can hang about 10 lb.. from each of the clips inside the pole crossings.

What about floor? Do you have something practical? Should we make a wooded floor?

We offer a tarp floor: You can put a rug on it. Also see our manual:

What do you usually do about heating and cooling?

See our manual: You can add stoves and air conditioning units.

Do you have tested it for safety? Is it according to some regulations we can quote here, because we intent to use it for schools as well, and we need to show some sort of certification that this structure is safe, will not fall, will not catch fire, have emergency exits, etc.

Please read our wind and snow warnings: We can provide you with a certificate that attests to our covering meeting fire retarded ratings. The 30′ dome has 8 doors.

Many thanks