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billboard vinyl

On Jun 13, 2008

Hi Bob

Thank you for spending time with me today to discuss the dome I’m building for BM and the clips you think are best suited for the billboard vinyl I will be using for my cover

After we spoke, I purchased the vinyl. It should be here by the end of next week

This is the company I purchased it from Small

I called Elenaor to discuss ordering the clips, but I had to leave a message. I’ll catch up with her shortly .. I’m not concerned about it. It was the vinyl I most wanted to get sorted out ASAP… as it’s heavy and has to be shipped “ground”

Attached I’ve given you a picture of the dome (as is current in my backyard). [note some of the colors on the bars are wrong, i need to correct them]. I also don’t have my “entrance” defined yet.. I have some ideas but wanted to work them out in conjunction with the cover (and I need that in hand first).

Once I have the cover finished, I’ll send another picture for you

I’ll also send you a sample of the billboard vinyl once I finish the cover and know what’s left over (which should be a lot since I got the 20×60 tarp)

Thank you again for your help

Hi Matt

Thanks for the update and photo. I appreciate the link and any future details on about how your covering works out. including photos and vinyl sample. If I can be of further help let me know.


Bob Gillis

Some other tips and links: Frame:      Use Heavy Duty Grip Clips:     Drape vinyl over frame and pull down all around. Attach clips to tarp about 1foot from bottom of dome’s frame Use rope or strong cord attached to clips cord then under bottom frame poles. Pull up on rope and tie. Be sure to stake our your dome so it will not blow away.

On Jun 11, 2008

Hi Bob,

My apology for suggesting you had referred to your dome/yurt materials as “biodegradable.” Reviewing your statement on this topic in Q and A, I realized I’d misused the term. Of course the materials can’t be biodegradable and stay intact in the weather for very long! Sorry.

We would still like your opinion on off gassing, though, if you would. Is there somewhat of a chemical odor for awhile after raising the dome/yurt? If so, does it completely disappear in a relatively short period of time (hours? days?)?


Hi Jeanne

I do not notice any odor from the dome but that is not to say that someone else may not but then I have not had any customer tell me they notice an odor from their dome. We offer two types of windows. One is vinyl the other of the same material as the covering. My guess is to skip the vinyl. We do not use urethane, or vinyl in the domes covering.


Bob Gillis