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On Jun 27, 2008

On Jun 27, 2008

Hi, Bob.

I would like to buy a 30′ dome, with the nylon fabric. If it’s at all
possible for me to have it open at the bottom, say up to 6′ or even
8′, that would be ideal, but I think you have the best product out
there regardless.

Our plan right now is to use heavy-duty grip clips to suspend
shadier netting underneath the nylon fabric, within the dome,
to create a “homey” atmosphere. Is it possible for us to have
this ready by early August? We would like to test-fly it a couple
times before going out to the Playa with it.

I know that you recommend against putting any shade over
it other than the black shade covering — do you also recommend
against painting it?

Are there chemicals in water-based latex paint
(ie, housepaint) that would hasten breakdown of the copolymer?



Hi Connie

I will try to answer your questions.

I should point out that the covering we use on our domes is not nylon. The 30′ dome we make is standard with 8 doors. You can open up more wall panels but since the covering adds strength to the dome doing so will weaken the dome somewhat. Replacing the diagonal tension lines with rope (corner to corner) in the panels you open will help maintain the tension you lose by opening the panel.

Please check with the order desk to see if have the 30′ in stock. If we do not it is usually just 3 or 4 days but as we get into August we can get very busy.

Many people have applied paint to their dome and so far none have reported problems. I do not know of any problems useing latex paint; but try it first on the skirt of the dome.


Bob Gillis