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On Apr 16, 2007

On Apr 16, 2007

Hi Bob,

I am considering purchasing the 18′ Geodesic Yurt, but I have a few questions about ordering options. Would you sell a shelter without the PVC poles if I wanted to make my own? If so, how much would this change the price? Has anyone ever used small saplings in place of the PVC poles? They bend quite well and I have lots of very young ash and maple I would be taking down to make room for the yurt anyway.



Hi Willis

We do offer the Yurt for sale without poles for 10% less that is less $72. As you can see the poles are not a large part of the cost of the dome. Alternative poles have been used. If you use poles less than the 1.25″ poles that are standard you would need to make smaller “connectors” for the poles. You also need to choose your poles to have a stiffness about the same as class 200 1″ PVC.

Bob Gillis