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Date: April 5, 2007

Date: April 5, 2007

I bought a 20ft dome back in jan or feb, and recently put it up. I have a few things I am not happy with about it.
1. I dont see how the shingled panels would keep out rain in a wind/rain/thunderstorm.
2. If you really insist that I should use a plastic floor, why isnt it included?
3. A couple of the stakes ripped out. I now need about 3 new panels (the lower ones near the doors) with the grip-clips and door holders, and one of the strips across the doorway, or enough material to make them.
I would appreciate it if you could replace these parts.

Thank you,


Hi Andrew

I am sorry to hear that you have had some problems with your dome.

We do not recommend the domes for very strong winds that you may sometimes get in a thunderstorm. The shingling in the dome holds well for most winds but if you get strong winds from a consistent direction you can get some rain penetration. Sticky back velcro can be applied between the shingling if you find this is a problem.

The domes can and have been used without a water tight floor but if the ground is damp and you keep it closed up you may find that condensation is a problem. The reason we do not include a floor is to give customers a choice. Some customers prefer to place their dome on a deck and do not want a floor; others would rather save money and buy a blue tarp and cut it to fit; still others choose to buy one of the floors we make.

I assume what you mean is that the covering of your dome was ripped away from the ground clips when your dome go hit with a very strong wind. Single panels are $30 each and include 4 Heavy Duty Grip Clips with them. Double panels are $60 and include 6 HD GCs. There is no charge for the door strip but do let us know you need one. Shipping on three single panels is $20. See details near the end of our online manual for instructions to install the panels: . We also sell the materials to make your own: Be sure to tell us if you need the Greenhouse covering or the Shelter Covering.


Bob Gillis