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aluminet shade for burning man


Last year I purchased a 12ft dome from you. I also have acquired a 20fter from a friend.
I’m trying to purchase aluminet shade for burning man and am not sure how much I need for each

The company selling the uliminet has various widths (7,14,21 and 28 ft sections) that can be cut in any length.
My thought was to purchase I length for each dome, as opposed to having 3 or 4 separate sheets per dome.

We also have some Aluminet for sale: Accessories:

Woven Black or Silver Aluminet Sunshades
We also offer a woven sunshade in Black or Silver that fits the contours of the dome a better than our standard white/black and since it allows some of the wind through its weave handles wind better. These shades block 80% and 70% respectively. They are both made with a loose weave material which allows for cooling air to flow through and rain can not puddle. The Silver Aluminet Sunshade acts like a mirror to reflect unwanted sunlight and radiant heat. These come with cord and snap grips.
Black 80% Shade 12′ x 16′ $40 Ship $10
Black 80% Shade 20′ x 20′ $100 Ship $20
Silver Aluninet 70% Shade 14′ x 14′ $86 Ship $10
Silver Aluninet 70% Shade 21′ x 21′ $190 Ship $25

Wondering what your thoughts are on that, and what your advice is for how big each length should be, assuming I want to come somewhat close to the ground (I will cut out the doorway).

I would get the largest you can afford and run it over your dome (s) and then attach it to your car rack which you would park 1 to 3 dome widths from your dome. This will keep your dome cool and provide you with a shaded porch area in which to sit, eat and watch the people go by.

Also, some of the string attaching the pole holders is fraying- I would like to replace it, is there a specific kind of string I should purchase.?

1/8″ nylon



I have to cover the entire inside of my 18′ Shelter-Systems yurt dome. Do you know the area in square feet that I would need to cover for this?

The dome has done me extremely well for the past two years, thanks so much again!


Approximately 508 square feet.

I am getting better at this but am still quite confused. Do you have an online catalog (as opposed to a set of pages)? By that I mean a sequence of pages that leads you thru all products and explains how they differ and how they are similar.

No, but an excellent idea, that we will implement.

Shelters in production:
Tunnel 9×9 and 11×11
Yurt Domes 8,11,14,18,20,30 and 31.5
Bubble Domes 10,14,18,20
Relief Tents inventoried 14,18,30

And the Bubbles are taller, right?


How do the relief tents differ from the Yurt/domes?

You say yurt=dome=yurt/dome, and yet you have 3 different pages. What am I missing here?
What are the differences if any between a yurt, a dome, and a yurt/dome?

There is none.

I am thinking a 20′ or 30′ relief tent would be best for my application. Does the relief tent come in 20′?

Not at this time.

Can a relief tent be used temporarily on “stilts”, vertical pvc legs that would extend from the ground up a couple of feet to provide more ventilation in a benign (moderate temps, no high wind) environment?

It can but we do not provide this as an accessory yet but it is easy for the end user to create. Note that the 30 is standard with 8 doors.

Sorry for so many questions, it’s what you get for making such a great and thought-provoking product.

Questions are windows. Thank you.