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Shelter Systems

Hello Shelter Systems:

I’m interested in your bike storage shed. Your website says that it requires an area of 3′ x 5.5′ x 6′ Tall. My tiny little side yard can’t take the 3′ out from the house; I’ve only got about 26″ to work with (just enough for the width of my bike). Would you be able to modify the system for me to bring it in by 12″?


How much would this cost?

To make it affordable I suggest that you do the modification your self: The arched part of the structure is stiff like a kite but with the poles outside the arch. If you shorten each of the poles by 1/4″ it will cause the arch to go flatter and fit your space better. You may have to shorten the poles again to get it how you want it but go at it little by little. When you have it right attach it to the wall and modify its door ( you can remove the clips and re-attach them to get it to fit right) or make a new door out of a section of blue tarp. Note that the poles take up some room so the useable inside space is less then the outside 3′ by about 3″.

Or, by moving the shed higher along the wall, would that automatically allow the width to pull in?

See above.

Also, the website description calls the shed freestanding. It looks like it would need to be bolted to the side of the house and at the base, though; can you clarify?

The arch is freestanding but you are right you need to attach it to a wall or fence and it should be attached to the ground.

Thanks! Look forward to hearing from you —

Shannon Waldron


Thanks Robert. You would really suggest working at 1/4″ intervals for the modifications? That seems miniscule judging by how long the poles look in the website photo. And how long would it take me to receive the structure after ordering? Thanks again —


Each pole is sectioned at their intersections which would take off about an 1″ overall.

On Jul 7, 2005, at 3:34 PM, Lesli Wingate wrote:

I am concerned about air quality because I have a 6 yr old daughter. In your experience, have you smelled vinyl during the day inside of one of your 18′ domes?

I never have. The only component in the covering that has vinyl in it is the clear windows and they are small. However we do make the some dome with out the clear windows. We call this form of the dome “Extra Strong” because the translucent (transmit more light than glass) windows are also much stronger than the clear vinyl. The ES domes are the same price as the standard domes.

I love your product. I am finding it hard to believe that this is the only thing like this out there. I want something dome shaped, similar to a tent but that will last a long time.
Thank You

I was using some of your Grip Clip Pros Tarp Fasteners yesterday. Those are Awesom! man. Throwing a tarp over a 24′ by 22′ on top of a roof. would you send us some more. My construction buddy is all fired up on them too.

Jorma, Bellingham WA