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Endless Lap Swimming Pool

HI, I was very interested to see the ‘Long Crystal Cave over Pool’. We live
in the Northeast and are putting an 7 x 14 ft. Endless Lap Swimming Pool on
our deck and are looking for a solution that will help retain heat in the
winter, allowing us to use the pool throughout the year. But the solution
must be removable in the warmer months and stored in a basement.

Do you think your Crystal Cave would serve?

It might.

How might it be secured to a

Eye bolts.

Can a handy person/helper put it together?


How does the Cave

You should get approximatly 4 sun years of use. This will be extended by storage.

can repairs be made to the surface material?

Silicon Rubber glue works well but the material is hard to damage.

(You probably have
this in the text of your website but I confess that I just skimmed and
looked at the pictures.)

We just want enough height to permit entry, can be from a seated position.
And of course, how much?

How long?

We are also installing three flagpoles at the edge of our deck for the
purpose of securing something like a triangular sail for shade in the
summer. This ‘awning’ will then be taken down in the winter. Any possibility
that we could use a single structure for an awning in summer and a cave in

Not unless you wanted to cover it with shad cloth.

If you think there’s some possibility, I can scan and send you the
design plan for our deck which would provide you with all the details.

It would be wise to give me an idea of the cost for something more standard
like the Crystal Cave so that I get an idea of pricing before asking you to
investigate a more customized solution.

CrystalCave™ Lap Pool Cover 9: 9’x9’x7′ High $550 Shipping $45
For each additonal 4.5′ of added length add: $350 Shipping add $35