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Shelter Systems has been supplying Camping Domes to campers, hikers, trekker, and expeditions for over 30 years. Shelter Systems Camping Domes are lightweight, sturdy, easy to set up, portable, and roomy, making them a great alternative to mainstream camping tents.

Sturdy Design

Shelter Systems’ Camping Domes are stronger than any other structure made of the same materials. Because of its curved shape with no corners, there are no weak points. Our patented structure is drum tight, completely waterproof, and wind-resistant.

Camping Tent 3
Camping 4 1
Camping 5 1

Shelter Systems’ Camping Domes have the poles on the outside with the covering suspended under the frame via Shelter Systems’ own Grip Clip tarp fasteners, such that the frame and the covering are not in direct contact. Because the covering is under constant and even tension, the tent will not flap or shred in high wind, poles cannot rub against the covering, which would eventually wear holes in it, and water and leaf debris cannot get caught in dips between poles.

The shingled panels of our Camping Domes overlap each other by 6″, making the structure very strong and completely leak proof (we have a leak-proof guarantee for all of our domes). The shingling design allows the structure to breathe for excellent air circulation and so moisture is driven out by vapor pressure, preventing condensation.

Shelter Systems’ patented Grip Clips™ tarp fasteners are used to join the dome’s cover to the pole frame and to fasten the shingled panels together. Grip Clips remove the need for sewn seams or grommets that puncture the cover, which would allow rain to enter.

Camping 7 1

Dear Shelter Systems,
I wanted to write a quick note to tell you how happy I am with my 10′ dome. I took it to the Sierras and spent a week camping at and around Little Lakes Valley (Turn off 395 at Tom’s Place). The dome was great in the campground, it went up in less than 10 minutes, and was so much more spacious than the backpacker tents I’m used to. We really enjoyed the large amount of natural light the covering lets in – it made for a great place to take a nap or read in the dome in the day time. Here’s some photos of the dome in use. Thanks again!

Durable Materials

The cover of our Camping Domes is made out of Shelter Systems’ super strong, waterproof, tear-proof woven rip stop film. The material is manufactured in three layers that are heat bonded together, adding even more strength. It is UV-stabilized to withstand up to 3 years of full sun exposure. This material will not rot or mildew, and effectively excludes rain, dampness, wind, cold, leaves and other debris. The cover is totally waterproof and breathable, making a rain fly unnecessary.

The frame of the Camping Dome is constructed of strong, long lasting, resilient, UV-stabilized, Class 200,PVC tubing.

Easy Set Up

Shelter Systems’ Camping Domes can be set up by most people in 30 minutes without tools. Insert the interchangeable poles into factory-attached connectors spaced evenly over the cover. The poles bend slightly when inserted, tightening the cover into a wind- and waterproof shelter. The cover is freestanding requiring no guy lines and can be moved into the desired position or location without disassembly. The dome can be taken down in 5 minutes: just remove the poles and roll up the covering. Setting up a Shelter Systems’ Dome.Shown below is the set up of the Shelter Systems’ 10′ Camping Dome in about 8 minutes. See a You Tube video of the 10′ set up here, and take down here.

Img 1459 2
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Light and Fresh Air

Shelter Systems’ Camping Domes are light filled and well ventilated. Our 14′ (4.2m), 18′ (5.4m), and 20′ (6m) Expedition domes have four flap doors evenly spaced around the dome. The door coverings close automatically so you can enter and exit quickly and don’t have to fumble with zippers. For maximum ventilation, the walls themselves can be rolled up, transforming the domes into an opened-arch form.

Winter Dome Llama 4
14′ Camping Dome

Shelter Systems’ Camping Domes are winter ready in case you get cold or wet weather. They do not require a fly or liner and are completely watertight and will not leak. They resist condensation build up because of their shingled construction drives out moist air by vapor pressure. The dome shape has minimal surface area for volume so it is easy to keep warm with a wood stove (installation instructions are included with each tent). If you plan on using your Camping Dome in snow or windy conditions, read our Snow and Wind Warnings.

The Camping Domes shape has other comfort features. The interior can be divided into “rooms”. The dome has more volume than a flat-sided tent meaning it feels, and is, more spacious. The shape is more heat efficient, using less fuel to heat it, and the heat circulates more easily, increasing comfort in cold weather. The cover of the dome is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

11 Foot Dome 1

A Shelter System

Shelter Systems’ Camping Domes come complete with stakes, guy lines, vent tubes, spare parts and an Instruction Manual for information on set-up, storage, repairs, wood stoves, etc. Shelter Systems also offers accessories including floors, net doors, porches and liners to make your shelter more comfortable.

Shipping and Storage

All Shelter Systems’ Camping Domes are shipped by UPS and pack up into compact packages that one person can handle, take as baggage on a plane, transport in a car or store in a small space.

Comparing Different Domes

You get a lot more volume for your money as you go up in diameter. When you step inside the 18′ Camping Dome after being in the 14′ , the 18′ feels twice as big. The 20′ feels twice the size of the 18′. This is because the extra feet in diameter extends out in all directions (including up) creating a large increase in volume. Since the surface area of the covering does not increase as rapidly as the volume, the larger Wedding Domes are less expensive for the space you get. Our drawings effectively illustrate the different sizes we offer.

Hi Low Dome Yurts 3
From left: 31′ Camping Dome, two 30′ Camping Domes, 20′ Camping Dome