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Shelter Systems’ full size 14′, 18′, 20′, and 30′ domes can be easily and reversibly transformed into Open-Arched Yurt Domes by you at no cost. In about 15 minutes you can convert your dome into the open-arch form, creating a inviting space with great ventilation, and in 15 minutes you can have your full dome back again. The large opening of an open-arched dome is great on a hot days and for using your dome at a party or trade show.

Instructions that come with your yurt tell you how to turn your yurt into a Open-Arched Yurt Dome (see the user manual here). Simply remove the poles from one side of the dome, roll the covering up and tie it out of the way, creating a large cave-like opening on that side. You can also place this opening up against the side of a house or building in order to expand the usable space of your home.

Salmon Yurt Dome 4
Sound System 5

Comparing the Width and Height of 14′,18′, 20′, and 30′ Open-Arched Domes

Dome Size Width of Opening Height of Opening
14′ dome 11′ 6 “ 5′ 6″
18′ dome 14′ 6″ 7′
20′ dome 16′ 6″ 7′ 5″
30′ dome 23′ 5″ 7′ 4″
Archshow10 1