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Wedding Tent Questions

Wedding Tent Questions

Dear BevMoor

You asked some questions about using our domes as wedding tents.

We are having a wedding for 100 people in August here at our (sloped) yard.
We are in S/E Pennsylvania. We have several flat areas and wonder if one of
your products would be good as a shelter in case of rain.

They are completely water tight. I believe you would be pleased with how well they work and look.

How long would it
take to set up?

The 30’er would take two strong people 1 hr. If you have more people to help it would go faster.

Could we use a ceiling fan or electric lights (the string
kind) in it?

Yes. At each of the pole crossing there is a clip, inside the dome, with holes for attaching items. There is a limit to how much weight they can hold. I am not sure how heavy your fan is. If you are buying one I would buy a light one and tie the box up first before opening – if it is too heavy you can return it). If it is to heavy it will pull the clip inward but should not hurt the dome.

What about tables and chairs – we don’t plan to get a floor,
just set it on the lawn.

That should be fine if they do not sink into the lawn. Try it first. If they sink you might consider attaching small squares say 2″ by 2″ of plywood to the legs to help prevent them from sinking. Also, I would put a tarp down on top of the grass when the dome is not being used to help the dampness of the damp grass from condensing on the inside walls of the dome.

Do you have any demos that might suit our needs?

We only have a Bubble Dome 10 and a YD 14 demo right now.

Thanks for your help. I am excited about the possibility of using this type
of structure, rather than a traditional ‘wedding tent.’

We have sold many of our domes as wedding tents and think you would be pleased with them.