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No. You need to provide a way for the smoke to get out.

Will the heat that rises melt the structure or covering?
It may depending on the size of the fire. We do not recommend an open fire inside.


I’m shopping for a shelter for my yard in which I can build a
sailing catamaran. I need something close to 30’w by 45-48′ long. Do
you have anything like that in your line?

The best we could do is our 30′ dome. You could have some of you boat sticking out and covered at one end. It would be a wonderful workshop.


1a. Is it best to get the netting installed all the way around?

It weakens the dome to put netting all the way around. Best is to get four doors with netting.

1. Can I purchase extra material from you and run a wall part way across the center of the dome? I would like to make it two rooms by hanging a partial wall, to still allow ventilation and passage between
the rooms.

Yes you can.

2. Is the floor installed here or at your factory? I want to put the
floor tarp under a plywood floor, for moisture control.

You install the floor.