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I read in your question section that over
and over you say not to rely on the structure as a main source of

and if you built a roof structure over it to combat the snow issue, do you think that it would work?

That should keep the snow off.[[is this feasible?]]


Would like to cover a 24′ round above-ground pool with a translucent roof top mounted on 4″x4″ or 4″x6″ posts.
Can you make a 25′ or 26′ translucent roof top ?
Will it be able to handle northern Ohio snow ?
What would the cost be ?

Thank you for your time and help.

Thanks for your interest in our Rooftops. We do make a 25’er: RoofTop 25′ (Top of 30’er) $1200 Shipping $110. You would need to melt or shake the snow off.Heating the pool may do this.


You mention that I can sew wider widths of film. Could I do this on my own sewing machine? If so, what type of thread would I need?

Yes. Use heavy duty cotton covered polyester.