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I live in an old stone house on 5 acres in the middle of 500 acres of brush
and citrus groves in north San Diego County. I’m thinking that building a
dome would be easier than fixing the old house. I have perused with great
interest the sturctures on your web site, wondering if I should put up a
20′ solar dome this summer to see how I like it, then building a somewhat
larger permanent dome.

I visited a smallish dome in an avocado grove about 25 years ago. It was
very open with lots of skylights and was lovely. It seems that people try
to make these domes into regular houses with corners, sheetrock interiors,
and small room spaces. I would like the interior very open with lots of
skylights. My place is on a hill with lovely views. I’m not much worried
about building codes or what the neighbors would think, because it’s VERY
isolated here.

So my questions is this: If you were going to put up a permanent residence
dome, who would you hire or what company would you use? Or do you do this?

My other question is esthetic: Do you think living for the summer in a dome
covered mostly with vinyl will be a good test?

Just do it yourself with the help of a couple of friends. Our domes are not made of vinyl; but yes a great idea.