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interested in buying one of your
greenhouses. It is the best deal and quality I have seen since I began my
search for a greenhouse. My specifications are that I live in a rented
space therefore it can not be permanent and I think is zone 8 here in
Seattle. My deck is around 400 square feet and I am interested in using
1/2 or 1/4 of it for a greenhouse. I have many tropicals and frost tender
plants inside that I would like to grow in the greenhouse along with
spring germination of seeds. I guess my questions would be how low of
temperature does the greenhouse get at nig

It can approach the outside temp if there is no sun for days.

should I use an
alternative heat source,

Yes if you need to. The only way to tell is watch it or use a thermostat.

and how small is it to store in the summer when I
want all my plants outside???

They all pack up small. Two duffel bag size.

I am interested in the GroRow, GroDome and
lighthouse. I also rent a 200 square foot garden plot in another location
and the GroRow would work there also. What would be the benefients of having the Grodome or lighthouse instead??

You can not grow in the lighthouse.