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What are the u.s. criterion for tents?

On Sep 26, 2007

Hello bob,

I could not find anything about the fire resistance of the fabric. Mabey you can send me some info about that. Perhaps you could give me some useful tips, for i would like to order the biggest tent you have and test it for rental (mostly private party’s and some display) use. (repiar kits and spare parts) check out my site.

Best regards Emiel

Hi Emiel,

The fire resistance of our fabric meets all US criterion for tents. It think you would have a great reception to our 31′ by your perspective renting customers. Every one loves it.


Bob Gillis

On Sep 30, 2007

Dear Bob,

What are the u.s. criterion for tents? We had some accidents here in Holland to do with fire, the government is since then very hysterical. Is there something to download for me to compare to Dutch standards. The other thing I wondered is, is the 31’ to build as a 30’? Can it also be build with one side open as you show in the pictures of the 30’? I am still in doubt, should I take the 31’or the 30’. Is the 31’ much more difficult to build compared to the 30’. And what is the extra advantage of 1 feet more? Could you also advise me about some spare-parts or repair kit to send along the first shipping. Or are these already included. My interest goes out to 2 tents.

Best Regards



Our tents meet or exceed the California fire marshals fire code for tents. You can goggle “california fire marshals fire code for tents” to get info on the laws which you may then compare with your Dutch standards.

The 31 can be set up in the “open arch form”. You need to remove a few clips and poles and then roll and tie up the unsupported covering. Do note that in the open arch form the dome is not as strong (you have removed poles and the tensile covering) and is more prone to wind (the large opening can catch the wind).

The 31 takes about 20 more minutes than the 30 to put up (it has 40 extra poles to insert). The 31 is mostly different than the 30 in it’s height and its more vertical lower side walls. The 30 is stronger in the wind since it is less high and presents less surface area to the wind.

Some spair parts are included with the tents but these are seldom needed. You can order more poles and Heavy Duty clips if you want:


Bob Gillis