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sun shade

We have one of your 18 foot domes (also a 30 foot dome) and are thinking of buying another 18 foot dome.  We will be taking these to Burning Man and putting them within 10 to 15 feet of each other.  Can a tarp or some other sun shade material be attached to both of them so that a shaded area is created between both of the domes?


How would you suggest creating this shaded area (attachment points on domes, fasteners, materials for shade)?

The best material is 70 to 90% shade cloth. Which you can get from a building supply. Attach to the Grip Clip Cords on the dome. If you get an extreme wind taking it down. You can use Grip Clips to attach to the Shade Cloth.

Many thanks for your fine product!!

Good afternoon,

Has any testing been done to provide a maximum wind speed rating on your tents or yurts?  We are looking for a semi-permanent way to provide shelter for some exposed equipment we will have.

Thank you in advance.


The simple answer is no. Winds are not always steady but often gust much higher. Our domes do well in strong wind but are not recommended for areas with constant winds or extreme winds. If you are in a area know for it wind then our shelters may not be for you. See our wind warnings.

Snow and Wind Warnings:

High Winds:

Dealing with Strong Winds:


Robert Gillis