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Your stuff looks great. I will probably order soon. Do you keep most domes shown here in stock?


Your stuff looks great. I will probably order soon. Do you keep most domes shown here in stock?

We try to keep some of everyting in stock. We almost always have quite a few 18,’ 20,’ and 30′ Yurt Domes on hand.


Every year my family gets together for Idependence Day. This year I am more excited than ever. I am looking forward to ordering and experiencing either the 20’er or the 20′ bubble. I can’t wait to experience being able to walk into a shelter instead of crawling into a tent. As far as I am concerned, your product rates just Above Motor Homes. They can be more comfortable, and the use a lot less fuel to transport. I may start a trend, but that’s okay, we buy new tents about every two years. It will be nice to have something that will actually last for a while. Thank you for such a wonderful product. I can tell I will enjoy it, just from studying the diagrams on your site.


I am a teacher, your site was publiched in a technical (teacher) magazine. I am taking in consideration to imply your ideas (shelters) in to a design assigment for the students aging form 11 to 15. Your site is nice and organized. I specialy enjoyed the cardbordfolding prints. M. van der Lecq


If you have a printed catalog or other printed information, please send to me

Thank you for your interest in our yurt domes and tents! We do not offer a hard copy catalog at this time.Please enjoy our extensive online catalog: We update it frequently with news and new products. Permission is granted to electronically copy and to print in hard copy portions of this Web site for the sole purpose of placing an order or using this site as a shopping resource.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Weight of Half circles & circle wind walls?

Is there a place at your site that gives the weight of your half circles and
Circle wind walls.


I would like to use them at the Beach.  I’m interested in
the  Circle wind wall 4.5′ x 14′

About 10 lbs

Diameter & the Half circle 5′ x 18′

About 14 lbs

& 30′

About 25 lbs

 Thank You,


NEAT! Ever since I was a kid I wanted to live in a geodesic dome!


Bob, We pitched camp Thursday, when we got the dome. It went together easily in about 45 minutes.

When we arrived the Park Ranger had cut a 3/8” plywood circle (20′ dia.) wraped with a tarp over a 5/8″ and under gravel base.

We chose not to say anything in regard to the differences between the recommended installation because we did not want to seem ungrateful, but Friday night it rained pretty heavily and by the next morning water was puddling under the floor and seeping through the floor.
After evaluating the situation we found the plywood to be dry with water on the tarp. Some edges of the plywood/tarp did extend beyond the edges of the dome.
Sunday afternoon we spent an hour removing the tarp from the edges of the plywood sections and making sure that the tent flaps extended beyond the plywood. That night it rained and it seems so far that has solved the problem.

I would much prefer a dirt floor, but because of the gravel we will probably keep the plywood for now.

We are very satisfied with the dryness of the dome and its ventilation.

I and the family like it.



Note when putting up your dome in the cold: The poles of the dome are made of PVC, a thermo plastic, which gets stiffer with the cold. In putting up the dome the poles are bent and inserted into connectors. It is preferable that the domes be set up during the day when the air temperature is warmer. Poles may be kept warm by wrapping them in a blanket with several large bottles of boiling hot water. Once the poles are warm remove and insert them one at a time from the blanket. If the domes are set up in the extreme cold with out warming the poles some may brake. This should not be a problem however since we include 4 extra poles with each dome.

“Burning Man”

I am looking for a dome that I can use to camp in the Black Rock Desert
in Northern Nevada. I was there last September and winds can blow as
high as 50+ mph. You mention that your domes will not handle extream. What
method would you employ to strengthen them, and what is it about your
domes that makes them unstable in high winds?

The dome will be for use at Burning Man, a festival on the dry lake bed
outside of Gerlach, Nevada. Last year we witnessed some very very high
winds and somehow our square structures with guy wires and tethers and
stakes and such managed to make it. I can’t imagine a dome being of
lesser structural integrity than a box.

But your products look economical and beautiful. I think Bucky would be
quite proud of your company. I look forward to your resonse.


Look at


Here is a q & a from our

I am interested in purchasing a large yurt dome for the 2001 Burning Man Festival. I was wondering if you had any occurrences of domes falling down due to the wind of the 2000 BM. I remember seeing a few of your domes, and as I remember, they fared very well in the 60+ mph wind that we experienced.
I did not hear of any of our domes failing at Burning Man last year. We were there for the wind and we plan on adding to our site a whole section on dealing with wind at burning man in a month or two. So stay tuned
Also, I was wondering if you have a catalog that you can send to me. I was hoping to show it to other members of our group that are going so I can get some money out of them as well.
Our current catalog is compleatly web based at this point. I will send you an old catalog; note that it does not have all our products and you will have to rely on the web for current pricing.
We bought a $400 tent last year and staked it down with rebar, and had some of the poles break, as well as some of the anchor rings. As you can imagine, it was quite disappointing. We also had our shade structure go down on Thursday of the event, which was not quite a surprise, but the wind actually bent 2 of the metal poles that came with the shade.


I am interested in using one of your shelters (probably the Crystal Cave
shelter) to provide temporary, portable housing to my small flock of
sheep. Do you know of other people who use your shelters in this way?
Are there immediate concerns that you would have,as a manufacturer of
using your product in this way?


People have used our Shelters for lamas, ponies and chickens. Seems like they would work well for sheep also.


fascinating products. I initially stumbled across your do it yourself kayak, but being in a hurry, I just bookmarked it for later study. it’s been a while, but I sure was surprised when i investigated the whole site.


Here are some simple shelters that were made with Grip Clips and tarps: . Grip Clips add quality to a tarp shelter that can not be obtained with the old rock and cord technique.

Grip Clips provide the means to turn tarps into functional shelters. They allow you to quickly join the tarp to itself or other tarps so you can create a protected space. They grip a large area of the tarp to provide great strength for ground anchors and support for pole attachments inside and outside the shelter. They hardly pucker the tarp where they attach making for less leakage at overlapping seams and more strength. For a minimum expense, Grip Clips greatly increases the quality of the tarp shelter.


VERY impressive. I think I’ve found a great alternative to the run of the mill greenhouse structure!

“Miscellaneous” Kayak (Grip Clips)


I am a varsity scout leader for a group of 8 boys. I have been looking for a
project that would both teach and inspire the boys….your 4 hour kayak just
may do the trick. There are just a few questions I have regarding the
supplies I will need.

I live in the Pacific Northest (Medford, Oregon) and wonder where I would
find the willow needed to build the kayak. As you might tell, I know nothing
about plants and trees but am willing to learn!  

See :

Secondly, is there a season
to obtain this willow


and do you need to soak,

No, but you should finish the boat before the willow dries out as it will get stiff and be hard to bend.

then dry before covering?

No, since it is the shape of the frame that gives it strength.

I like the 4 hour kayak because it is inexpensive and fun. Should you have
other unique items to build I would be very interested.

Take a look at our Site. Lots of fun to be made.

Let me know what you think.




I have looked at everything out there, including yurts, Teepees, and canvas structures, especially Pacificdomes, and yours are the most elegant and simple, not to mention the most economical. It is a brilliant design, that appeals to my need for simplicity, much as a parasail or hangglider might appeal to a pilot. Thoreau would have loved it, and I know that Ghandi would have bought several. I suspect that I will try the 20 footer. Be in touch. Glenn


Dear Sirs: I am a physician serving with a medical mission group in
Ecuador. We are interested in your product for medical and surgical
caravans that we run. The environment we encounter ranges from 15,000 feet
in the Andes to tropical coastal areas. Have you had any experience with
medical usage?

Some of our tents have been used as portable medical rooms.

What would your suggestions be as to size?

I would think the 20′ dome would work well for you but a lot depends on how big a space you need and how much you can carry.

The Yurt Domes are white and let through 60% of the light so the inside is wonderful to work in in day or night (a small light lights up the whole Yurt Dome

Thanks for your
help, Doug 


How can I make my dome last longer in the sun.

You can shade the covering. You can paint it. You can store it when not in use. You can use “303 UV Protectant” (this is a clear space age UV protectant ant you can cover your dome with) (You can do a serch on the web for it)

“Grip Clips”

Do you have any suggestions for temporarily covering an old barn’s roof. As inexpensively as possible as we will be reroofing it in the next year or so. As you might expect, its a pretty good sized roof – each side 40×60 approx. Thanks

Yes. You can use our Grip Clips to join and hang a liner tarp inside the barn to create a protected space. We have done this and it works well and is low cost. If you want more details call.Based in Hereford, Grest Britain i am currentley compleating my final major written dissertation as part of my university degree course in 3D design. What on? Geodesic domes, Buckminster Fuller,lowcost, low impact, temporary shelter, and the case for greater use of the geodesic dome, for portable shelter. Suddenly I find your company and go mad .


Thanks for your quick service! Received dome, Monday and erected 30 minutes later.
Hardest part of it, was unwrappig it, to lay it out.
We think we’ll be very happy with it, will recommend to friends, and consider more domes in the future!