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“Miscellaneous” “Kayak” Grip Clips

“Miscellaneous” “Kayak” Grip Clips

Hello, I am about to begin experimenting with skin (poly tarp) kayak design/construction. I am intrigued with your grip clip. I very much enjoyed the skin kayak that you demonstrated so well pictorially. It got my creative juices flowing. Thanks! I will be doing something similar, except that I plan to use pvc pipe instead of willow boughs. I am interested in more information about your covering materials as a possible candidate for a second generation skin after the cheap poly-tarp that I can buy locally.

What are the weight/ thickness of your covering materials, and their strength compared to poly-tarp bought at the lunberyard?

It is thicker, stronger and last much longer in the sun.

Do your PVC poles offer any greater strength than water pipe pvc that would be bought at the local hardware store. Sincerely, Joe

We use scq. 200. I am not sure what the store offers but most PVC is about the same strength.